Manage and automate analyses with asimov.

A powerful and extensible automation framework for scientific analysis workflows.

$ pip install asimov

Asimov is a python package to help with setting-up, automating, and monitoring scientific data analysis. It is designed to make organising a scientific project, simplifying your workflow, and making your analysis easier to reproduce.

Asimov makes setting-up and running parameter estimation jobs easier. It can generate configuration files for several parameter estimation pipelines, and handle submitting these to a cluster. Whether you’re setting-up a preliminary analysis for a single gravitational wave event, or analysing hundreds of events for a catalog, Asimov can help.

Scientific analysis management¶

Asimov is able to interact with high throughput job management tools, and can submit jobs to clusters, monitor them for problems, and initiate post-processing tasks. Once your analysis is completed asimov can manage the data products and results, and prepare them for publication and distribution.

Uniform pipeline interface¶

Asimov provides an API layer which allows a single configuration to be deployed to numerous different analysis pipelines. Current gravitational wave pipelines which are supported are lalinference, bayeswave, RIFT, and bilby.

Centralised configuration¶

Asimov records all ongoing, completed, and scheduled analyses, allowing jobs, configurations, and results to be found easily.

Reporting overview¶

Asimov can provide both machine-readible and human-friendly reports of all jobs it is monitoring, while collating relevant log files and outputs.

Quick installation¶

Asimov is available on pypi and can be installed via pip install asimov.

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